Dear BBC - The Gospel Series

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Dear BBC

As many of you already know, I brought a bit of a bug back with me from my recent travels, and that bug very quickly snuck up on me and turned into pneumonia. It has been a very frustrating couple of weeks for me personally trying to shake this thing, and we have so appreciated the prayers, meals and messages.

I am doing much better and will be back to full strength very soon, but in the meantime I am not yet well enough to preach this Sunday, and as a result we have pushed the start of The Gospel Series back to the 22nd of May. We thought and prayed hard about just beginning the series with another preacher, but it has been something that has lived in my mind for about a year now, and the other very gifted preachers that we have on our teaching team felt that it would be best for me to tee off the series with what has been on my heart and mind, rather than them having to preach a message that someone else has been living with. It is a bit like wearing a jacket made for someone else. It kind of fits, but you don’t feel comfortable.

So the long and the short is that the series will start on 22 May. This gives us more time to invite friends and family and to pray for fruit in the lives of the hearers. I have been personally challenged to invite some more of my friends along. There is great comfort in being a big believer in the sovereignty of God as these kinds of delays and happenings don’t confuse or overly frustrate us, because we know God doesn’t waste any of the events in our lives, even our sickness, and so we know that he is going to do something great.

So let’s pray, let’s invite, let’s expect God to do what only he can do. Let’s also pitch this Sunday as there are stand alone messages at both Bryanston and Midrand that I think will be very helpful to all of us.

Thanks for the prayers. Back to bed.

Much love,