Just Ask… A Call to Prayer at BBC

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Dear BBC

God has been so kind to us in so many ways. He continues to choose to work in and through us in ways that confound and humble us, and we really are privileged to see his hand so powerfully guiding and working in our midst.

I was reflecting on all of this recently as I was blessed to have a few days down on the coast with my family, and it felt as if the Spirit might have been nudging me to remind me and us that we haven’t really even scratched the surface of what God desires to do in our midst.

You see, BBC has seen remarkable growth over the last little while and we are grateful for that, but a lot of that growth has been people who are already Christians who are looking for another expression of their faith in a local church community. We aren’t about to chase those people away, and we want to serve them well and send them out to represent Christ in their own context, but we do desire to see people coming to a saving knowledge of Christ in numbers. We have tasted some of it, and we deeply desire to see more.

To that end, we are launching a few weeks of daily prayer during which we simply ask God to save people in our city. We will ask that he does that through BBC and through other local churches, but we really want to ask that he moves in power and brings salvations to many.

So over the next few weeks as we lead up to our Gospel sermon series in May we will be meeting for daily prayer. The schedule is below. We would love for to join us, and if you can’t be physically present then we would love for you to partner with us in daily prayer for the many in our city who don’t yet know Christ. We will keep people updated through social media.

Let us faithfully humble ourselves before the Lord, knowing that he alone can save.

See you there.



Mondays to Thursdays: 6pm to 6:30pm in the training room.

Sundays: 5:30pm in the training room.

Thursday the 5th of May: Day of fasting, followed by worship and prayer from 6pm at BBC.