Dear BBC - Giving up your seat for the glory of God

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Dear BBC

18 months ago we faced a situation as a church where one of our gatherings ran out of seats. Our 9:30 simply became too full and it was a really cool problem to have. We made a decision then to move to three gatherings on a Sunday, so that we could open up 450 more seats where people could sit and hear the message of the gospel of Jesus. By God’s grace, we face the same situation again. Our 8:30 gathering is out of space, and our Noah’s Ark ministry that serves our young kids is stretched to capacity at that particular time. It is a wonderful but real problem, as people are parking a block away, and some have to stand for the duration of the meeting as we cannot offer them a seat. Can you imagine standing through one of my sermons? It is not ideal to say the least.

If you usually attend the 8:30, we are asking you to consider making a move to one of our other gatherings, especially if you don’t have little kids. The 10:30 has some space for you and your kids, and the 18:30 has plenty space and it is a very vibrant and meaningful gathering (please note that Next Gen ministries don’t run at the 18:30). It is a relatively small adjustment for you, but it could make the world of difference to how many guests we can receive at the 8:30 and how hospitable we can be toward them so that they are easily able to hear the gospel proclaimed.

We would appreciate it hugely if you would consider making the switch.

If you cannot, then here are some ways that we can be better hosts:

  • Come early so that there isn’t a rush for seats and parking.
  • Fill in gaps in rows so that we can leave space that is easily accessible.
  • Come in as few cars as possible.

We are massively excited for what God is doing and will continue to do at BBC in 2014. See you all on Sunday.

Much love,